Choosing a university is always a big decision. Clearly Jewish life at the university matters to you (why else would you be on this page).
We’ve put together some helpful tidbits to give you a sneak peek of our Jewish community. To lean more, never hesitate to reach out! We get tons of calls every year!
Touring Campus
Are you considering Guelph? Coming for a tour of the campus? Stop by the Chabad House to learn about the Jewish community on campus, Chabad of Guelph, all of the wonderful opportunities available, and meet Rabbi Raphi & Mussie! Contact us to arrange a time!
Jewish Community
The Jewish community on campus has grown by leaps and bounds over the last number of years. While no one knows for sure, currently the estimates are between 1000-1500 Jewish students. We have a tight knit warm and welcoming community, where students are always looking to welcome new faces. Often students will meet at Shabbat dinner and the next week they’ll be studying together in the library.
Kosher Housing on Campus
The University of Guelph works really hard to make accommodations so students can keep Kosher in their residence on campus. When applying for housing be sure to fill out the Special Accommodation form and note that you have Kosher dietary restrictions. While it is not required, you can have Rabbi Raphi sign this form as well. Best to find roommates that keep Kosher too and request them, otherwise the university will try to pair you with others that have requested Kosher.
Chabad of Guelph has collaborated with the University of Guelph and the university sends chefs to the Chabad House to prepare Kosher grab n’ go items like deli sandwiches, cream cheese n’ lox on pretzel buns etc. See the Kosher page for more details and options.
The University of Guelph has a fantastic religious accommodation policy. You will never be required to write an exam, attend a lab or class on Shabbat or the religious holidays. In short, the policy dictates that students should notify their professor within the first two weeks of the semester of any conflicting dates, and the prof must find an alternate date within the same period (i.e. no requiring you to come back in the summer) to take the exam. They may not put a student at an academic disadvantage. See the policy here.

In addition, as long as the student are in town Chabad of Guelph hosts holiday services, meals, and programs. See the holiday page for more details.
Jewish Parents Circle
Feeling a little anxious sending your kid off to Guelph? Looking to send some food up? Or any other questions? The University of Guelph Jewish Parents Circle facebook group is a place for parents to connect, help one another, and share. Join it here!
Chabad Bot
We use a cutting edge texting system, we fondly refer to as Chabad Bot, for students to RSVP for all our programs, events, and resources. Text 'Shalom' to 226.605.0770 to get started. It’ll ask you a bunch of onboarding questions and then you simply text the name of the event to RSVP! The ease of Chabad Bot has become a fan favourite among students!