University of Guelph Campus
  • Purchase packaged kosher sandwiches and wraps prepared at Chabad and sold on campus in Creelman Hall.
  • Email hospitality services 1 hour before arrival at Creelman hall and they will warm up a double wrapped kosher meal for you. Options include chicken, fish, or meat.

24 Clair Road West,
Guelph, Ontario, N1L 0A6

Longos at Gordon & Claire Rd, carry the largest kosher selection in Guelph. Limited stock of chicken & other staples.

Click here for their website.

Hamilton Kosher

899 King Street West,
Hamilton, Ontario, L8S 1K5

Hamilton Kosher carries all the chicken and meat you’ll ever need and a wonderful selection of kosher groceries year round. Ask them about options for delivery to Guelph.

Click here for their website.


1579 Main Street West,
Hamilton, Ontario, L8S 1E6

Fortinos in Hamilton carries a large selection of Kosher groceries year round.

Click here for their website.