Holidays away from home can be challenging. At Chabad, we’re here for you with a fun, exciting, inspiring holiday experience!
From Rosh Hoshana dinner to menorah distribution and kosher for Passover meals, we’ve got you covered!
High Holidays
The High Holy Days, the period from the Jewish New Year through the end of Yom Kippur, usually coincide with the early weeks of the semester. When you are away from home, spending these special days with your Chabad family and friends is particularly comforting. Join us for any or all of these holiday activities:

Rosh Hashana
Rosh Hashana dinner and lunch
Rosh Hashana services
Shofar Blowing on campus

Yom Kippur
Pre-Yom Kippur meal
Yom Kippur services
Post Yom Kippur Break-the-fast meal

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Celebrate the colourful fall festival of Sukkot when we leave our homes and spend time in temporary outdoor dwellings. Visit Chabad’s beautiful and spacious Sukkah. 

Join us for Sushi in the Sukkah, where our chef rolls up her sleeves and rolls out perfection for an all-you-can-eat feast! Look out for our pop-up Sukkah on campus, where you can duck in, have a bite, and shake the lulav and etrog. Or, message us and we can even bring the lulav and etrog to you for a quick mitzvah.

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Join us to celebrate Chanukah, the joyous eight-day festival of light celebrating the miraculous triumph of light over darkness. 

Chabad of Guelph hosts Chanukah programs both on and off campus. Feel the spirit together with your friends and other members of the university community at our Menorah Lighting Ceremony in the Campus Courtyard. Need your own Chanukah supplies? We’re happy to give you menorahs and candles so you can “do Chanukah.” And for those living on campus and unable to light your menorah in res, come to our Chanukah table in the UC and light a menorah right on the spot!

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Purim commemorates the miraculous salvation of the Jewish people from the evil Haman and the bravery of Queen Esther and Mordechai. The celebration includes reading the story of the holiday in the Megillah, sharing food gifts, eating a festive meal, and distributing charitable gifts. 

Our famous don’t-you-dare-miss-it Grand Purim Bash is a favourite among students. Expect a Megillah reading, mishloach manot food basket giveaways, L’chaims, DJ, and major fun. If you need to hear a Megillah reading at a different time, contact us and we’ll set it up!

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Gathering around the traditional Seder table, retelling the Exodus narrative, is fun and inspiring at Chabad. We’re here to help you celebrate throughout the eight-day holiday with Sedarim and Kosher for Passover food, all free of charge, thanks to our generous sponsors.

Join us for our communal Passover Seder, a night of togetherness and tradition. Crunching matzah doesn’t end there, thanks to our free kosher for Passover meal plan, which lets you observe the full eight-day holiday without going hungry.

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